20 Tips For Handling Your Baby That’ll Make You Laugh So Hard

There is an old saying that being a parent does not come with an instruction manual. Sure there are plenty of books and guides out there on what you should and should not do, but ultimately, many new parents learn through trial and error. David and Kelly Sopp have released a few editions of their easy to follow and humorous take to help new mums and dads out with a new bub. Here are some samples:

Checking For Spoilage

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Nope, you definitely do not want to check your baby’s diaper or nappy by putting your whole hand inside. At best, you’ll have a dry hand, there’s a medium risk of a wet urine covered hand, at worst, your hand and fingernails will be covered in poop. Pull the back of it back of a diaper back with one finger and look with your eyes and not your hand!