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17 Wedding Cake Toppers with an Epic Twist

People are notorious for wanting to customize their wedding day to match the personalities of the bride and groom. And so it should be, it is a special day when two people make the commitment to a partnership together, and having a day themed according to the quirks of their personalities is quite right. The wedding cake is an important part of any wedding reception. The cutting of the cake is usually ceremonial. The cake is often proudly displayed for guests to admire and take photos of. Some folks, like to present their cakes with a point of difference to make them their own – here is 17 of them.

For the Couple with Devices

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It is true. We live in a digital age. At this wedding, the celebrant will have most likely reminded the guests to switch their phones off or put them on silent for the ceremony. Guests will have had their phone’s camera ready though, to post phones online before the happy couple had walked the full length of the aisle. This couple obviously had a love for their devices; let us hope they were not using Tinder on their wedding day!