Creating An Imaginative First Year Baby Book

Are you the really creative type and wanting a unique way to record the first few months and years of your baby’s life? Or even just finding the daily grind of bottles and diapers a bit challenging, and looking for something to entertain your own mind?

Here’s one way shared by one proud father and husband on Reddit of the way his wife captured and explored their child’s growth in their first year. This imaginative mom has sketched images over the top of her baby each month and then created a monthly calendar with the series.

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Imagination Rules

January kicks off with the very young looking newborn baby in a space suit. True some new babies do look like aliens, but this little one is very, very wide-eyed and cute!

The bub is wearing plain white gender neutral T-shirts in all photos. So it is unknown if they are a boy or a girl – this beautiful little cherub could have come from either Mars or Venus. Their mom has drawn the American Flag though, so no doubt a strong clue that this young one was born in the USA.

In the following months, this mum has very cleverly overdrawn photos of her baby to depict them:

• whisking up a jar of Nutella
• blown by a tornado in bad weather
• crawling up a mountain
• driving a pedal car
• digging dirt in the garden
• scuba diving
• learning the trumpet
• as a hippy with a guitar
• eating an ice-cream
• playing Robin Hood with a bow and arrow
• learning to ski.

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It is a great memento and keepsake to keep for years to come, and an ideal present for grandparents at gift giving times! You could present the images as a calendar, or print them and bind them as a small picture book. All you need is your baby, a white sheet, a bit of imagination and some line drawing techniques!