Retouching Touching Family Photos

When you hire a someone who says they are a professional photographer, you expect professional results, right? This was not so for Pam and Dave Zaring of Missouri. They recently posted to their public Facebook feed a series of images from a recent photo shoot. The location is superb – a picturesque park on a sunny day. The images they ended up with are not!

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The Zaring’s have commented that photographer approached them to capture their extended family in a series of shots. They say photographer then didn’t like shadows on their faces so decided to do some re-touching. The only problem was, the photographer says, her professor never taught the art of this particular technique.

The resulting photographs have gone viral online. The family says they did pay the $250 for the photos, just for the entertainment value alone. Their kids think it’s funny, and that they look like Lego people. For some reason though, the photographer didn’t adopt the same kid with a crayon type touch-up tricks with their pets!

The Moral of the Story?

There are a couple of possible learnings from this story.

  • Is this for real, or this is a marketing ploy? It’s given this family their five minutes of fame, and there is an imprint at the bottom of the photos with a photographers name.
  • Alternatively, in true internet conspiracy style, others say all is not as it seems. That the family didn’t like the original images supplied. So they then did their own touch-ups to discredit the photographer and have a laugh at their expense.
  • Follow the trend. The applications available for everyday folk now to fix up their images and photos are awesome. Play around with some of your own family photos to give everyone the ghoulish blank-faced look! (Or just fade away facial lines and slim down or enhance any natural curves!)
  • If you are hiring a recent photography graduate, check their portfolio of work first! Then ask to see your prints untouched first!