Thanksgiving’s Annual Family Photos

The Tradition

For many North Americans, Thanksgiving is a very big deal. The origin of the first Thanksgiving in the US, like many events in history, is the subject of debate. Some say the celebrations were first held to celebrate the harvests reaped by new emigrants or pilgrims from England. Others insist it is a festival of religious significance, to give thanks to God for the health and wealth of families.

The Memories

Either way, for many in the US and abroad, Thanksgiving is a day to come together with family and friends for good food and a good time. With that, often comes a traditional annual photo. The idea is to capture on film everyone looking happy and well. In the true spirit of the day, to be grateful and glad to be together.

The Photos

Although, as everyone knows, sometimes the camera does not lie! Those family snaps can reveal a lot as time goes by about how a person was feeling on the day. Do any of these images or personas sound familiar? If you look through any family’s Thanksgiving photos, you are sure to recognize them or the facial expression. There is usually:

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  • Your young cousins who insisted everyone play dress-ups. Only then do they decide they hate their costume.
  • The siblings who have flown the nest and are now leading separate lives. Begrudgingly, they sit for a lineup in the same birth order they did when they were kids.
  • The cook who has stressed all day about cooking an oversized bird evenly. Surely, poultry was never naturally supposed to be that big.
  • Uncle Bob, who only visits once a year, sitting at the corner of the table with many, many cans of beer.

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  • Your dear, sweet grandma, nodding off at the other corner of the table or the couch. Someone thought it would be a good idea to slip some brandy into the gravy.

The Solution

So what is the solution to the problem of preserving your Thanksgiving memories? Just like a bad apple, one person’s expression can throw the mood of the whole photo!  You could always

  • Take your photos in natural timing and capture people’s joyful moments as they happen and when they happen.
  • Deliberately pose for an awkward uncomfortable or silly faced shot before the full family portrait. Everyone is sure to be more relaxed and natural for the formal pose!